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residential + commercial  building

refurbishment  +  new extension building

LPH 1 - 8

© images by GSE 

The residential building on the outskirts of Bad Godesberg, which was built as apartments for the Russian embassy members in the 1970s, was completely renovated and expanded to include a spacious penthouse and an underground car park.

The house impresses with its location at the transition from city to landscape on an exceptional hillside with a view over the city and the Rhine Valley. Views on all sides with floor-to-ceiling windows up to 4.5m wide and all-round balconies emphasize this. The inventory is characterized by its clear structure in the style of classic modernism. The special style of the house was continued during the expansion and renovation, so that a modern house was created, which can further develop its strong character. This is how the penthouse takes on the design, but is carried out with a contemporary metal facade.

All floor plans have been restructured and adapted to the demands of sophisticated living through extensive technical modernization and aesthetic design. The garden was designed in the sense of a shared park that blends into the landscape. A new underground car park was added to the existing garage, which had become too small, and integrated into the garden design.

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