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residential buildings + parking garage

new construction

LPH 1 - 3 + facade details

© images by GSE 

The new residential area is located in the immediate vicinity of several monuments from different eras on the edge of the historic old town of Nierstein. In order to be able to fit into this grown context and to avoid the settlement-like character of modernist residential complexes, an ensemble of five independent buildings has been created, which have been developed based on their respective location and meaning. Components emerging from the facade interlock the top floors with the building body and give the individual building an individual appearance. In addition, the total volume is divided into different components in order to approach the small scale of the surrounding buildings. The quarter is accessed via a central courtyard and an underground car park in the basement. Approx. 32 age-appropriate living units with additional practice, office and common rooms are planned. The inclusion of the topographical conditions along the ascending slope enables extensive views of the Rhine valley and vineyards for all apartments.

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