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residential building

new construction

LPH 1 - 4

© images by GSE 

Müllerstrasse, as the northern extension of Friedrichstrasse, is the central shopping street in the Wedding district. The property is built along the street through a post-war building, the inner buildings of the block destroyed by the war are to be restored, separated from the existing ones, and thus consolidate the urban structure.
The building forms courtyards with different characters, the urban courtyard between existing and new buildings and the garden courtyard in the rear area. This is also emphasized by the facades: the rear building is given a plaster facade with vertically oriented windows in the front courtyard area, analogous to the front building, in the garden courtyard the facade is characterized by large window openings with upstream balconies and brick, which creates a link to the neighboring building.
A total of 30 apartments of various sizes and number of rooms will be created, so that a mix of tenants from students to young families is possible. The new building is accessed via the city courtyard through a central lobby.

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