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Office building

New building

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The aim of the design is to restore the original courtyard buildings typical of Berlin. The building structure is therefore based on the neighboring buildings. The front building and the southern side wing are being renovated. The northern side wing, which was badly damaged in the war, is being dismantled in order to create the new access for the front and rear buildings at this point.

The front building is largely preserved. Only the street-side bay windows will be extended by one storey, as is typical of the location, and the roof will be replaced with a new construction and expanded for office purposes. The northern side wing will be dismantled, the southern side wing will be retained except for the existing staircase. The rear building is being built as a seven-story new building. The new structure restores the historical courtyard situation that is typical of Berlin and closes the vacant lot, taking into account the building lines. The eaves height and the proportions are based on the defining neighbors, as the facade of the 5th and 6th floors is inclined.

The new main access to the building is via the courtyard, which can be reached through the passage from Friedrichstrasse. From here you enter the north wing in which there is a central lobby and the elevators that lead to all floor foyers. The floor foyers extend over the entire side wing and use ramps to overcome the height differences between the old and new buildings. The front building is also accessed via the existing entrance in Friedrichstrasse, which is connected to the existing staircase. The ground floor with an auditorium and a mezzanine floor of the rear building can be reached directly from the courtyard.

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