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residential building

refurbishment / conversion + extension

LPH 1-8


This project consists both a renovation and an extension of a classic country house style villa from the end of the 19th Century. The plan is for the current house to be separated into three individual apartments. In the process of remodeling it is also essential that the house is brought up to standard on the fire and noise isolation regulations. This will be mostly be achieved by simply extending the current staircase to the top floor. The planed extension will seamlessly be integrated into the historic building without seeming historic itself by sticking to the stylistic guidelines of the current house and roof structure. Furthermore over the years various different re-modelings have been made to the house, which do not seem coherent. The new design will fix this and give the house more of a coherent and compact feeling.

The façade will be sufficiently remodeled with the plaster be completely renewed as well as the paint being removed from the bricks and windowsills. All of the wood on the house including the roof gables will be reconstructed to look like the original.    

Due to the extremely dilapidated condition of the roof structure the whole roof will have to be redone.  This area of the building will also get a brand new row of windows. Furthermore a bat dormer will be integrated on the east and west side of the roof to give the interior more lighting. Brand new roof decks on the east and west sides will also give the building more outdoor spaces.

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