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LPH 1 - 8

The existing classicist country house style villa from the end of the 19th century was in an extremely dilapidated condition, so it was completely renovated and rebuilt in the process. The building had become confusing due to various interventions and extensions over the course of time. The new extension picks up on the stylistic specifications of the original building fabric as well as the distinctive roof shape and integrates this harmoniously into the historical substance without having a historicizing effect itself. The building appears more uniform and compact and thus blends in with its surroundings. 
The house was divided into three separate apartments and brought up to a contemporary standard in terms of fire protection and soundproofing. The facades are professionally renovated, the plaster is renewed and the existing clinker brick of the parapet strips and window reveals are stripped of the old paint. The wooden framework in the roof gables as well as all other wooden parts in the facade have been reconstructed true to the original. Due to the extremely dilapidated condition of the roof structure, the roof and the roof structure are being renewed true to the original. Only in the area of the stairwell will the shape be adapted, and a new bat dormer and skylight will be provided for better exposure. New roof terraces on the east and north-west side create additional outdoor space.

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