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residential district

urban planning + coordination development plan procedure

LPH 1 - 4

© images by GSE 

© images by GSE 

An ensemble of 26 single-family homes is to be built on the grounds of a former tennis club in the community of Grossziethen close to Schoenefeld.  A possible step-by-step expansion of the residential area is to be taken into account as well. 

The concept accounts for the historic anger structure, typical for the nearby former East German center, and interprets these typical residential area forms in different configurations. 

In order to ensure maximum use of private property, community parks will be built to account for the cities development plan for this private residential area, thus giving residents extra free spaces to relax. Furthermore, as an ode to a Garden City, curvy streets will be build, which in turn will make the area, seem diverse and not give it a one-dimensional feel.  Thus making the residential area a lot more unique compared to typical newly built suburban areas, giving it a sense of identity.

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