The new residency is situated in the exclusive neighborhood of Berlin-Dahlem. The neighborhood is characterized by villa-type houses, free standing buildings with a limited facade length along the streets. To avoid a disproportionate long façade along the street, which will look even longer if one follows the curved street, the volume has been divided into two parts offset from each other. This results in a double-wing complex, which harmoniously fits into the surroundings. The intersection of the two parts is dominated by a central risalit, which, through its representative and monumental design, emphasizes the character of the house as the Egyptian residence. This is where the main entrance is situated, defined by arcs and columns.

Having implemented the offset of the two wings it is possible to keep the south of the property free. This area can be used as a garden and the representative rooms can be orientated towards the south and towards the garden. Furthermore the garden is divided into a private garden in the south and a smaller area for the entrance and driveway including parking along the street in the north. 


TypeResidential building
ClientEmbassy of the Arabic Republic of Egypt
Work PhasesCompetition
CompletionOngoing Project
LocationBerlin - Dahlem
ScopeNew construction of the residency + refurbishment