Only very few copper roofed factories remain in Rotterdam that are reminiscent of the old harbor.  The only cohesion between the buildings now is that there is no cohesion and buildings are built without any architectural connection.  This inspired to design a building that reminded everyone of the way the harbor used to look and bring some of the old charm back. Be it the steep roofs, the brick façades or the serial windows everything typical for the old harbor factories was incorporated in this project.

The two block ensemble which seamlessly goes from the 17 story back building on the Laan-op-Zuid-Boulevard to the 3 story building on the Spoorweghaven, showing flashes of early modernism with its volume and simplicity. A purposefully chosen construction, which is typical for the area, guarantees the building will look nice for generations to come and always fit into the scenery. The brick façade, bluestone foundation, copper roofs and white wood windows will all ensure this.

A public park was built between the two buildings with is marked by the corner columns that lead to the Laan-op-Zuid-Boulevard. The parking garage is situated right under the two gardens. The building is meant for condos apart from very few retail spaces on street level.


Typecommercial + residential building
ClientHeijmans vastgoed
Work Phases1-8 HOAI
Scopenew construction block and tower + parking garage
Project Management for
Prof. Kollhoff Architects