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Residential house + representative office

New construction 


© images by GSE 

The location for the new residence for the Egyptian ambassador is in the exclusive Berlin district of Dahlem and takes up the typical villa typology of free-standing buildings with a representative street facade. The challenge here is to manage the balancing act between a classic Berlin villa with an Egyptian touch, which of course fits into your immediate surroundings and does not appear as a kitschy oriental hybrid on Las Vegas Boulevard.

In order to maintain the scale of the surrounding development and to avoid a disproportionately long facade along the street, which would be exaggerated by the slight curve of the exposed corner property, the volume of the building is divided into two staggered structures.

A central risalit emphasizes the representative entrance and gets a monumental reference to its users through the use of classic Egyptian elements. The two-winged complex creates two clearly shaped outdoor spaces, which are just as clearly distinguished from each other in their function by their arrangement and orientation towards the street and the garden. In addition, the concentration of the building mass in the northwestern property area creates spacious gardens in the east and south. The Belvedere, integrated into the volume at the southern tip of the building, accentuates its exposed location.

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