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administration building

new construction + renovation / renovation


© images by GSE 

The motif of an abstracted gable is a defining design element of the new town hall. It is created on the one hand by the recess of the upper two floors of the building, which, despite its four full floors, effortlessly fits into the scale of the surrounding buildings. In addition, the consistent alignment of the broken open corner effectively closes off the marketplace by making use of the peripheral buildings that run towards this part.

The building intuitively reveals its overriding meaning to the viewer and reveals its entrance. This is further enhanced by the contrast of the open and slender sandstone facade on the front side to the otherwise rather simple clinker brick construction.

The arcades on the ground floor of the two side wings continue this openness in the street space and form the reference to the entrance front. Thanks to the eaves one floor below, the new structure is subordinate to the historic part of the town hall, with the proportions of the facade and continuous cornice strips maintaining the ensemble effect.

Two filigree oriel structures structure the rear facades and are based on the smaller-scale buildings in the area. The old and new buildings open up generously to the outside space and create a close relationship with the new campus character of the courtyard. From the market place, the visitor can go directly to the reception and then the foyer. From here, a linear staircase leads him to the upper floors and to the existing part of the town hall. The atrium-like room generously provides daylight to all levels and provides a view of the church tower of Sankt Vitus on the upper floors.

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