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residential + commercial building

refurbishment / extension + new construction

LPH 1 - 5

© images by GSE + ImmoKEY GmbH

The house is located in the Weißensee district of Berlin on Berliner Allee in a central location for numerous shops and shopping opportunities. The facility consists of an old building along the street and a new building with underground parking in the courtyard area. Typically, this refers to the neighboring buildings. In the continuation of the courtyard passage, an area of approx. 5m remains undeveloped in order to design the courtyard as a flowing, opening space. The old building is being renovated, with the apartments being redistributed and the roof being expanded. The street-side ground floor facade is rearranged so that a representative appearance is restored. The courtyard passage remains as the main entrance. There is also a new underground car park entrance, the design of which is based on the courtyard passage and, together with the shop windows, restores an axisymmetric facade image. In the courtyard area, steel balconies are arranged on the old building, which build a bridge to the new building. The new building connects to the side wing of the old building. The facade of the new building takes up the standing window formats of the existing buildings. The design elements are also reminiscent of the architectural heritage of the ensemble: external steel bottles are reminiscent of the typical production buildings in the courtyard areas and the roof design quotes the typical Berlin roof shape.

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